Medical Gas Systems


Hospital Equipments

Electric Module-Rail Type
Waste Collecting Bowl-Clamp..
Monitor Shelf with Drawer-R..
Monitor Shelf-Rail Type
File Holder
Note-Pad Shelf
Instrument Basket-Model 3
Instrument Basket-Model 1
Instrument Basket-Model 4
Instrument Basket-Model 2
Wall Rail 25x10
Wall Rail 30x10
Stainless Steel Tube
IV Pole Stand
IV Pole Stand-Height Adjust..
IV Pole Stand-Height Adjust..
IV Pole Stand-Height Adjust..
Monitor Stand
Articulated Lamp Stand-With..
Wall Accessories Console-Ty..
Patient Transfer Console
Single Arm Pendant-Engine D..
Wall Accessories Console-Ty..
Medication Cart (Cassette T..
Medication Cart
Emergency Trolley
Device Trolley-T1
Device Trolley-T3
Device Trolley-T4
Device Trolley-T5
Device Trolley-T2
Device Trolley-T6
Ambulance Kit
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